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Melissa & Doug Alligator-Plush

Melissa & Doug Alligator-Plush
Melissa & Doug Alligator-Plush Detail

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Melissa & Doug Alligator-Plush Description

This beautiful, amazing alligator is built of extra-strong yet huggable materials and are sure to capture the interest of children for years to come. Age 3

Melissa & Doug Plush Alligator is a soft, friendly chum from the “wild kingdom”! It’s amazing! Over six feet long, this fabulous stuffed alligator will inspire lots of affectionate hugs. Every wrinkle and ridge adds to the allure and interest of this reptilian friend. With its excellent quality construction, it will withstand lots of friendly wrassling. Measures 10 x 67 x 26″. Fun-inspiring gear from Melissa & Doug to YOU! Order Now! Melissa & Doug Plush Alligator

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Melissa & Doug Alligator-Plush

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