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Plan Toy Matching Animals

Plan Toy Matching Animals
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Plan Toy Matching Animals Description

Plan Toy Matching Animals set of four animals from Plan Toys deserves a closer look. They are more than just cute. Each animal is made up of two brightly colored pieces that when as one, display a soft and simple line. Good looks are just the first impression these little guys make. With one touch, you’ll realize that feeling is believe. Each creature wears a different, pleasant texture. Children can match the animal halves by color, texture, or shape patterns. Or they can make their own…

A fun and creative way for children to match shapes, texture and color as well as practice hand-eye coordination. This charming set of four colorful animals stimulates children’s imagination and creativity while learning about animal textures and colors. 8 pieces total. Plan Toys are made from natural, chemical free rubber wood and finished with non-toxic and child friendly colors.

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Plan Toy Matching Animals

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